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landscape photography course online

Landscape Photography Courses Online
(For digital & film photography)



A full set of notes (Parts I, II & III) will be mailed out to you, totaling over 70 pages, that include many
photographic examples with detailed descriptions of how the results were achieved.
Each part has a set of exercises + their answers.


Course Notes:

You will get over 70 pages of valuable information including:

- An overview of 2 of the most famous photographers in the world and how they achieved their results
- Digital & film camera operation (shutter speed, films, depth of field, apertures, metering systems)
- Lighting techniques (outdoors & indoors)
- A totally innovative method on how to compose a photograph
- How to recognize photographic opportunities
- Foreshortening & flattening effects.
- Night photography
- Sequential / serial photography
- Theory of equivalence
- How to design a frame for your photos that will make them look even more stunning


Exercises + Cheat sheets


As a bonus you will also receive the manual Digital Cameras Made Easy for FREE with your purchase.

For a period of four weeks after purchasing the course, you can contact me for FREE advice on photography.

Total price $25
The course (PDF) will be emailed to you. (4.5MB)


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