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we are committed to support the natural environment through fine art photography
10% of sales is donated to selected environmental groups



New Exhibition

jamie coffill, philip stallard and erik gunzel

Gosford Regional Gallery
Webb Str. East Gosford
November 25th, 2006 - January 28th, 2007

t h e   l i f e   o f   c l o u d s

uluru XI subterrain I uluru VIII subterrain II ghostgum III
ormiston gorge kata tjuta I uluru V kata tjuta II ghostgum IV
palm valley VII palm valley III palm valley IV
monsoon rainforest ubirr I monsoon rainforest


Nocturnes are photo's taken at night under moonlight conditions.
No artificial lighting is used.

nocturne1printadjusted.jpg (212058 bytes)
nocturne I

nocturne II
nocturne angophora.jpg (67229 bytes)
nocturne III


BBWAngophora.JPG (377966 bytes) littletallowbeach.JPG (75675 bytes) TasmanSea.JPG (49722 bytes) Dead Tree.JPG (479092 bytes) Maitland Bay.JPG (254586 bytes)
symphysis little tallow beach tasman sea cycle maitland bay I (180558 bytes) sandstonedetailII.JPG (126563 bytes) Sandstone detail.JPG (40458 bytes) Maitland Bay IIIb.jpg (124216 bytes) girrakoolI.JPG (207029 bytes)
bullimah spur sandstone detail II sandstone detail I maitland bay III constellation II


all originals are limited edition of 30 unless otherwise stated


 (108777 bytes) The Entrance p.JPG (105237 bytes) (140621 bytes) untitled2.JPG (110573 bytes) (100831 bytes)
bridge the entrance pulse untitled maitland bay II

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Video - Landscape Photography with Erik Gunzel

Includes advanced techniques on composition, sequential photography and true night photography etc.

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