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  landscape photography courses, workshops

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Would you like to learn how to take photos like this?
or that?
or this?
or that?
You have come to the right site!
After all, there is NO substitute for learning from a

Erik Gunzel has been a professional photographer since the 1980's and has held many exhibitions
during this time. 
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erik gunzel

It is my aim to take the mystery out confusing issues such as: rules of composition,
must have a special ability  to see
, best times to take a photo etc., etc.,etc.

Sound familiar?

In clear easy language, my landscape photography courses will show how anyone can take great shots, photographs that you will be proud of, photographs that are up there with the best of them.

It is all within your grasp and you do not need the most expensive equipment.  Any camera will do. 
Yes, with even the $25 throw away cameras you can get great results.

Want to find out how?  Just follow the links beneath to get started.

Oops!, before I forget, this landscape photography course is equally suitable for
both film and digital.

Landscape Photography Courses


This is a landscape photography course written by myself and is entirely based on my own experience. 

It includes the following:
An introduction to early leading photographers such as
Alfred Stieglitz and Ansel Adams.

Exercises + answer sheets in depth of field, shutter speeds, composition and sequential photography. 

 Information on basic lighting, night photography and framing.

Here are some examples of my landscape photos taken using the principles that I have developed

Click here to find out more about this course and to start taking photos you will be proud of.


Landscape Photography Workshops


Get the most out of your  landscape photography courses by going on shoots with Erik Gunzel in small groups of five students maximum or by enrolling in a landscape photography course by correspondence.
Click here for Landscape Photography Course & workshop
Click here for the Photography by Correspondence course

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